Opening in December 2019, Bandolier Brewing is a proudly independent, family owned micro-brewery in Warragul, a Gippsland town just over an hour east of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our beers are inspired by classic styles all around the world, combined with our unique interpretations from our family – having mixed Australian and Mexican heritage. Because of this, our core beers range from a Mexican-style corn lager, an Australian Draught, to more European and English styles like a traditional White Ale, English Porter, and a Belgian Blonde. Tradition doesn’t mean old and our constantly rotating tap selection changes throughout the seasons.

Being a small brewery, we have the freedom to regularly brew test batches and experiment with our next beer, whether it be a one off or a new core range beer. Recent hits have been our fresh Raspberry Wheat Sour, Irish Cream Porter and  Tequila & Lime Mexi-corn Lager. And in case you are wondering, all Bandolier Brewing beers are unpasteurised, unfiltered and preservative free!

So, come and have a visit to our brewery and bar – you might find something special or, at the very least, enjoy one of our great beers and our homemade Mexican street food.

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